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How we can love our neighbors during Coronavirus

Hello Living Word Church,

As always I hope this email finds you well in body, mind, soul and spirit. Today, I would like to share some very practical ideas of how we can love our neighbors even in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. If you have any more creative ways we can express love to those around us or hear of any more opportunities please let me know!

  • Give an encouraging word to any essential workers (grocery store workers, delivery drivers, gas station attendants, etc.) that you come into contact with. Thank them for their service and sacrifice to help others. Leave them a gift at your door or give a tip if acceptable. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says "encourage one another and build each other up"

  • Bless others with a meal: find out what your neighbors enjoy and have food or dessert delivered to their home from a restaurant

  • Celebrate events together while social distancing: if there is a birthday or special event, set up a virtual party, or a drive by party. Letting me know you remember and care for them is so important

  • Purchase non-perishable food items, paper products and activities (puzzles, coloring books, crosswords etc) for those in desperate need. Our Church has been working with many community organizations to supply these items for families in need. If you would like to donate some of these items to us to be distributed please let me know


Today I am going to ask us to pray for a specific group of our neighbors: those who are in prison.

  • Let's pray together that God will provide those who are incarcerated with all they need, that He will grant leaders with wisdom on how to best care for them in the long-term and that many will come to know Christ and experience His freedom and new life through the Holy Spirit

Love from your Neighbor, Pastor Daniel

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