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Living Word Church is made up of people from all walks of life who face the same challenges as you. In Luke 6:47-49, Jesus tells us how to prepare for the challenges of life by coming to him, hearing his words and then doing them. That's what we are focused on, here is how we see it, and we invite you to join us.


COME  Coming to Jesus in prayer, worship, listening and God's Word is what we love to do. Sometimes the first step in coming to Jesus is hanging out with others who follow Jesus. We love that too! It's all about relationships.


HEAR  Hearing the Words of Jesus is about intentionally listening to all Jesus says in His Word and from His Spirit. We hear from Jesus in our personal devotions, in connect-groups of a few people, and all together in large gatherings.  


DO  Doing the words of Jesus is both challenging and rewarding. Jesus says we are to love our neighbors, serve humbly, give generously, use our gifts for the common good. He also says - have faith, forgive, make peace, and encourage others. As we do the words of Jesus we love one for another, show kindness to our community, start new churches in our region and support ministry around the globe.  

Mission Vision Vaues

Our Mission

Our mission is to Come to Jesus, Hear his Word and Do what it says.


Our vision

We will fulfill our mission by inviting people into a relationship with Jesus, teaching His Word with clarity and life-application, and making disciples through church-planting, connect groups and one-to-one relationships.

Our values

The following values guide our mission and vision fulfillment - Biblical teaching, Spirit led ministry, Prayer, Stewardship, Unity, and Loving Relationships.

Our Leadership

our beliefs

We follow the 16 Doctrines of the Assemblies of God, which can be found here.

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