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Day of Hope Update

Hi Living Word Church,

This is Pastor Daniel with the final "Love your neighbor" post of the summer.  As has been our discipline at Living Word, I will be taking a Sabbath rest from posting weekly during the month August.  But of course let's continue practicing the 2nd greatest commandment of loving our neighbors as ourselves as Jesus said.   Today, I would like to give us all an update on the Day of Hope last weekend and give God glory.  Last Saturday, about 90 people from 15 different churches/ministries came together at 2 different church locations to love our neighbors together in Jesus name! Here are some of the highlights:

  • 350+ neighbors came and received goods and 1.4K people tuned into the live stream

  • 78 neighbors received prayer, with 9 accepting Christ as their Savior and 13 recommitting their life to Jesus.  Praise the Lord!!

  • 750 Bags of Hope were distributed to recovery programs that are helping our neighbors who are battling addiction.

God is so good!!  Thank you to all of you who served, prayed, donated or participated in any way.   There were many amazing testimonies and stories from the event but here are a few to give more glory to God and encourage us in loving our neighbors:    A woman from our church was buying a ton of beans for the event.  As she waited in the checkout line, a gentleman behind her asked what all the beans were for.  She responded by sharing about the Day of Hope.  The man then asked if he could buy all the beans.  Not only did he buy all the beans, but he then purchased a $200 gift card in case we needed more!

  While walking around the community inviting people to the event, a man from our church met a Vietnamese man and found out he was also a Christian.  The man asked how we could join us or be trained to also "go and make disciples."

   Before the Day of Hope, a woman from our church was canvassing the community, inviting people to come.  She had been walking for a while, inviting people and became worn out. But then she saw one more group of people and decided to walk a little bit more to invite them.  Those people came to the Day of Hope and both prayed to receive Christ! As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15b

Love your Neighbor,

Pastor Daniel

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