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Hello Living Word Church!

           I don't know about you but I am excited!!! I am excited about this amazing weather (I am a summer kind of person). But I am especially excited because we were able to baptize another person yesterday and we are planning to baptize another young woman next week! People are coming to Jesus Christ and joining our community of faith! God is so awesome!! 

            In fact, 3 out of the 4 people we have baptized this past month and a half have never even attended one of our physical church services before. But they have still been able to hear the Word of God, come to Jesus and connect with us through our live stream services!  So keep on inviting your friends and neighbors to join our Sunday livestream. By doing so we are planting seeds by inviting people to hear the Word of God and respond to His gracious love. I encourage each one of us to invite at least 1 friend/neighbor to join us this Sunday @ or on Facebook at Living Word Church of Worcester or Living Word Church of Charlton.

            I am also very excited because as many of you probably already heard our governor Charlie Baker has permitted churches to begin having in-person services again! Praise the Lord! Thank you all for doing your part to love your neighbor by helping slow and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Let's keep it up!  

              Now our church will not be opening back up just yet.  Thank you so much for your love, grace and patience as we diligently plan our re-opening strategy! As always, our priority as Jesus says is to love our neighbors as ourselves which includes you and everyone else who desires to participate in our worship services. And we have a lot of preparation left to do in order to love you well, with safety and in order. But this coming Sunday and in the days and weeks to follow we will be sending a lot of communication your way and asking for your feedback and support.  So please join us this Sunday for our livestream to hear directly from Pastor Brian who will discuss our future re-opening. And please keep an eye out for our emails and phone calls and continue to pray for us as well as the other pastors, leaders, business owners, public officials of our city, state and nation. We all need God's wisdom and grace as we seek to patiently and safely re-open.  

          I want to leave you today with another awesome testimony that gave me great excitement!  Several weeks ago, a woman in our Church who works as a delivery nurse in UMass Hospital asked us to prayer for one of her patients: a woman who contracted Covid-19 late into her pregnancy. Her story was featured two days ago in the Boston News.

Let's keep on praying for Sarah, baby Alex and our other neighbors!  God is so good!

With love from your neighbor,

Pastor Daniel

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