George Floyd

Hello Living Word Church, I write this post deeply grieved holding back my tears. I just watched a 10 minute video of an African American man named George Floyd suffocate to death.  He was handcuffed on the ground while being held down by a police officer who had his knees on the back of Mr. Floyd's neck.  Mr. Floyd repeatedly cried out "I can't breathe."The onlookers who videotaped cried out for the officer to stop.  And now many others are crying out for justice after watching and hearing about George Floyd's death.   I know many of you have already seen the same video and images as these cries have spread across social media and the news.     I am thinking about Jesus' command to "Do to


Hello Living Word Church! I don't know about you but I am excited!!! I am excited about this amazing weather (I am a summer kind of person). But I am especially excited because we were able to baptize another person yesterday and we are planning to baptize another young woman next week! People are coming to Jesus Christ and joining our community of faith! God is so awesome!! In fact, 3 out of the 4 people we have baptized this past month and a half have never even attended one of our physical church services before. But they have still been able to hear the Word of God, come to Jesus and connect with us through our live stream services!  So keep on inviting your friends and neighbors to join

Neighborly Communcation

Hello Living Word Church, Today I would like to talk about  our communication with our neighbors.  I want to focus specifically on how we are speaking and acting towards one another concerning this coronavirus pandemic.      From talking with many people and seeing communication on social media, I have observed how this pandemic has become a pretty divisive issue.  People have a variety of opinions on the pandemic: how to respond to it, whether churches should reopen, who to trust to report accurate information and on and on.  Whether you agree or disagree with others on any of these questions, I am calling us as Christians to remember the Word of God, specifically Ephesians 4:  "Be complet

Global Ministries

Hello Living Word Church, God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ! As always I hope this email finds you well. I hope you have had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather God has blessed us with before it apparently snows again tomorrow (that's New England for you).      This week I would like to focus our attention on our Global Ministries.  These include all the ministries and missionaries supported by us as a Church who are dedicated to sharing the truth and love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors around our city, state, nation and world.  These include ministries like Walking in Light, who as you read this are delivering food and goods to families in need throughout our city and

How we can love our neighbors during Coronavirus

Hello Living Word Church, As always I hope this email finds you well in body, mind, soul and spirit. Today, I would like to share some very practical ideas of how we can love our neighbors even in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. If you have any more creative ways we can express love to those around us or hear of any more opportunities please let me know! ​ Give an encouraging word to any essential workers (grocery store workers, delivery drivers, gas station attendants, etc.) that you come into contact with. Thank them for their service and sacrifice to help others. Leave them a gift at your door or give a tip if acceptable. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says "encourage one another and bu

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