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Shalom Dear Church,


That’s the greeting I received from one of my Ukrainian students who lives in Israel.  He emailed me this morning, saying, Shalom Dear Brian.  I felt warmed by this greeting, so I pass it on to you.   May God’s Shalom of peace, prosperity and flourishing be yours today!


Last week was a whirlwind.  I woke up at 4am each day and prepared myself to teach the Ukrainian students.  I taught the course material 10 years ago, but I don’t like to give out stale bread.  So, each day I refreshed myself and my material through prayer and study.  The remainder of the week was busy preparing for our Deaconess commissioning and the Annual Meeting.  As reported, by God’s grace our church is moving forward.  Thank you for the giving, serving, worship, and loving of Christ and one another that you are engaged in.  As stated at the meeting, we are in need of a new hire.  The part-time position of Office Manager/Communication Support is currently open and the job description is on our website.  Please pass along to all interested.


It was a big Sunday, and we have another one coming up.  This Sunday, March 3, is the final Sunday for Gerson Urbina.  Gerson came to us 8 years ago as an intern with Northpoint Bible College.  Upon graduation we hired him as one of our Jr. Pastors.  Gerson thought he would only be with us for a year, but he stay for 6 years serving our youth, sound, media and livestream teams.   Now Gerson is leaving us to work at a premiere tech solutions company that serves churches   Gerson will use his expertise and his gift of helps to serve churches across the nation.  He will be on the road 50% of the year and I believe God will use him like a missionary, spreading the gospel and discipleship as he goes.  We will honor Gerson this Sunday and pray God’s blessings on him.  If Gerson has blessed you and your family, please prepare a card, gift card, and words of gratitude for Gerson.   A cake reception will follow our 11am worship service. 


Shalom and Blessings,

Pastor Brian


p.s.  Reminder First Saturday Zoom Prayer, Feb. 3, 800am-930am.  The link is below, please join.


p.p.s    For those connect groups following our sermon series.  We took a break from Genesis and explored Acts 6:1-10.  Feel welcome to discuss and pray for the roles of elder, deacon and church member as described in that text

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