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August 3, 2022

Good Morning Living Word Church,

I hope and pray that your summer is filled with God’s goodness.  For me, last weekend was certainly a time of goodness.  The Day of Hope outreach was soooooo good!   The hotdogs tasted good, the prayers were good, the love was good, and the giving and receiving was good.  GOD is so GOOD!   Thank you for your partnership in sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors.  Here are a few stats and stories from the Day of Hope.


Guests –2000

Volunteers -  400

Haircuts – 100+

Groceries – 600+ bags + dry goods

Clothes -  3000+ articles

Churches/Ministries -  21

Community Services – 30   

Gave an abundance of Popsicles, Hotdogs, Games, Prizes, Bounce Houses, Live Stream Music from Café at the Mill, Live Rap Artists, Live Worship Music, Face Painting, and Prayer 


·        Many prayers offered for hope, deliverance, family.  12 People Prayed to Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!  Several people reported physical healing. 

·        Howard was very happy and particularly was surprised that someone prayed with him as he entered the Day of Hope.  He said, "I didn't think that I needed prayer, but I really did and I appreciated that very much."

·        Dan, who is homeless, had everything stolen the night before and considered suicide.  He came to the Day of Hope, received prayer and was introduced to a suicide prevention partner for additional support.

·        A job placement coach was able to provide actual onboarding to new jobs for 3 people

·        A pregnant woman sat down at a prayer tent and unpacked her story.  Due to her addictions, she will give the child to foster care, but was very nervous and concerned, wanting the child to go to a good home.  Relief and Joy overflowed as she learned that one of the host churches could help her find a Christian adoptive family. 

·        Community Service partners were seen networking and praying one for another.  Yes!

·        A Worcester public school teacher was thankful for the inspirational day as she said that many students are still despondent and in need of hope beyond the pandemic

·        Felicia was at Elm Park and said she has been to every Day of Hope for the last 8 years.  As a result, she is now connected to a local church.


P.S.  Our 1st Saturday Prayer is this Saturday, Aug.6 @ 8:00am.  Please join!


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