January 19, 2021


God Bless You Living Word Church,


It was good to be together on Sunday for worship, prayer and response to the Word.  Thank you for your faithful participation in the gatherings of our church.  


Last night, we gathered for our Monday night family devotions around a great plate of meatloaf.  It is one of Glorieann’s signature dishes!  It’s meatloaf wrapped in bacon and glazed with a homemade BBQ sauce.  Personally, I like when it cooked a little longer than shorter…then the bacon and meat and glaze get all crispy.  Yum!


During our devotional time we read Romans 15:5-13 and the short account from the “Daily Bread.”  We talked about Christ’s mandate to accept one another in the Church, and to love one another even beyond the church.  We reflected on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s leadership and example of love and nonviolent protest.  We mourned his passing.  Why is it that so many leaders must lay down their lives for the cause of love?  Then we prayed.  We prayed for one another, we prayed for our church, and we prayed for our nation.  


As we pray, we naturally gather a bit closer.  We sometimes put a hand on a shoulder or hold hands.  But I don’t recall doing that last night, we were at a “safe-distance” to use a phrase from our day.  However, what is striking is that our dog sees/senses the spiritual and emotional closeness and joins in.  She will stretch out her paws to touch a hand.  She will put her nose under my arm and wiggle-in.  I am not suggesting that my dog is praying with us, but she is certainly responding to the presence of the Spirit and the fruit of love.  Prayer is not only a communication to God, but it is vital to our togetherness as a community, for as we pray for one another, we are accepting one another and loving one another.  


So, let us pray.  Let us pray in all of our gatherings and in all of our homes.  Let us pray in faith, in hope and in love.    


Pastor Brian


p.s.  Other meatloaf recipes or signature dish recipes are welcomed. 

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