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What a fantastic weekend of ministry.  The "Living Word Awards Show" is one of my favorite moments of the year.  The pastors and staff love you, and enjoy putting a smile on your face!  Thank you ALL for serving our Lord, serving the church, and serving our community.  May God Bless you.


As I have done in several of our mid-week Bible study videos, I will choose to make this communication short (makes up for the email/letters that have been long).  Please memorize our verse for the week with me:  "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God" (Matt. 5:9).   Please note the meaning of the verse -  we are not called to "keep peace" between people, but to "make peace" among people...and there is a big difference.   


For example, like the United Nations peace-keepers, sometimes people in the church are concerned with walking the streets safely, and avoiding conflict.  However, Jesus does not call us to walk the streets, but to walk on water.  Furthermore, Jesus calls us to engage people and problems, so that reconciliation and understanding can occur, and thereby "MAKE PEACE."   According to Jesus in Matthew 5:9, when we behave this way, we are called children of God, which means that we are acting like our Father in Heaven, and are thereby seen as God's children who behave like their Father.  Our God does not avoid conflict, He looks to resolve conflicts.


Let us pray and "do" this Word from Jesus.  We need faith, hope and love as we "make peace."  We need patience, wisdom and seasoned words as we "make peace."  And we need to see that peace-making is different than avoiding conflict.  Relationships on any level are not easy, and having uneasy, and risky conversations is a part of Peace-making.  May we recognize this, and graciously (even courageously) engage in the ministry of peace-making. 


Pastor Brian

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