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September 14, 2021

Good Morning Church, 


Happy to report that nearly 50 people signed up for connect groups last Sunday.  Wow…Fantastic!   If you missed last Sunday, we will have sign-ups again this Sunday.  If you participate on livestream and would like to join a group, please contact us at info@livingwordworcester.com and we will help you find a group.  


As you know, our country honored the 20th anniversary of 9-11 this past weekend.  I remember being at work that morning, hearing the news and then gathering around a television to watch.  At that time, I worked for a ministry called One Hope and lived at their home-base in South Florida.  My job was to disciple young men & women and send them on mission around the globe.  On 9-11 we had 4 teams in town for training to go out for 4 months of missionary evangelism with One Hope bringing God’s Word to Every Child.  And with one act of evil, all planes were grounded, and my teams were not going anywhere. 


What did we do?  We found a lot of areas to serve in South Florida, we ministered at youth groups, and we spent a lot of time in prayer and worship.  We prayed for the USA, we prayed for peace, we prayed for Muslims to come to know Jesus, we prayed for the Gospel to go forward.  We prayed for the nations.  Would you pray again with me??


One passage we prayed was Psalm 2:8 which says, 

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. 


There was even a worship song popular at that time rooted in this scripture, so we not only prayed it, but we also sang it.  If you read the entire Psalm, you will see that the context does not shy away from recognizing the rage and plotting of peoples against the LORD.  Our role in this Psalm is to set ourselves before our King and pray. We ask the LORD for the nations, and when given opportunity, we are to warn the kings and call upon the rulers of the earth to serve the LORD.  Please join with me in praying Psalm 2:8.



In Faith, Hope and Love 

Pastor Brian



p.s.  Walk out of Darkness is this Saturday, Sept 18.  You can register at https://supporting.afsp.org/team/hopeforworcester   Special prayer prior to the walk @ 7:30am in our Fellowship Hall for our children, neighbors and fellow believers to experience Sound-mind and Shalom-peace in our mental and emotional health being.