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Hello Church Family.  I’m sending our weekly email to you one day ahead of schedule because I want to give us some prayer points for tomorrow’s day of Prayer & Fasting.  Specifically, we are praying for God’s Will concerning an opportunity to lease space to the Lincoln Street Elementary School, which is located at the top of our church lane.  And more broadly, we are praying that the Lord would prepare us to serve His purposes in our city.


One passage stands out to me as I prepare for tomorrow, and that is Jeremiah 29:7, which says:


But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. 


God’s people were in exile, which means they were no longer living in Jerusalem, they were conquered and some were forced to move to Babylon.  If God’s people were forced to live in Babylon, one might expect that the prophet would be calling them to pray for rescue or deliverance.  But in fact, Jeremiah calls them to pray for the city, and seek the welfare of the city!   The word “welfare” is the Hebrew word, Shalom, which is also translated as Peace, Completeness or Soundness.  God is saying to His people, I have purpose in you being where you are.  And part of that purpose is to seek out and pray for the welfare of the city.   Based on this scripture, here are some prayer points for our time of fasting & prayer on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023.


  • God, may Worcester flourish and be blessed with soundness and peace

  • God, we seek you, and we seek the welfare of those around us.  Show us what you see and what you want done in Worcester. 

  • God, may we have strength and favor to do the work to ask us to do.  

  • God, may your will be done regarding this opportunity to lease space and serve the students, teachers and families of Lincoln Street School.  Show us your will. 

  • God, Give Us your Wisdom.  Help us think clearly.  And Keep us in unity.

Let us pray and seek the Lord together.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Brian 


p.s.  If fasting is not feasible for you, please join and pray throughout the day.

p.p.s.  See you all this Friday @ 6:30pm as we celebrate God’s Goodness at the LIVING WORD FAMILY GATHERING

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